Computer Science and Engineering

Industrial Visit

Industrial Visits are a part of the Educational arranged by College to Students to understand the working environment of the Companies and Related Industries. They see what is happening inside the Campus of the Company and Learn to Interact with each other. They can also understand how to strengthen their Scope of Studies during the Visit Program and Improve the skills and profiles of Students. This visit helps the students to choose their right careers. Industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and to know more about Industrial Environment.

Industrial visit to Teliconveli on 20-02-2020

An Industrial visit to “Tiliconveli Tech Park ,Tirunelveli”, was organized by the department of CSE & IT on Thursday, 20th February 2020.Thirty three students from CSE, ten students from IT and two faculty members from CSE/IT visited the industry to understand current market scenarios, latest most demanding technologies & criteria for selection etc. Mrs.Lalitha, HR Manager, Tiliconveli gave a brief introduction about Tech park and spoke about the technical services provided by the company. Mr.Kuttalam, Digital SEO trainer addressed the students about the products and services provided by them.

Trainers giving a brief introduction about services provided by the company.

The trainers highlighted the programming languages, latest tools to know for the product development and the recent developments in the field of IT sector. Also they motivated the students to select their domain and area of interest. They also guided the students to select the areas like web development, mobile application development & software testing etc. and its importance in the current software market.

Students got cleared all the doubt and myths which where in the their mind about the technologies and IT sector