Computer Science and Engineering

Staff Achievements & Awards
Sl.No Name of the Faculty Event Details Title of Paper Date
1 Mrs.Sreeja S S Conference at Udaya School of Engineering Fake rupee identification using image Processing 22-03-18
Sl.No Name of the Faculty Title of Paper Name of journal
1 Mrs.Bindhu A
Mrs.Sreeja SS
Automatic detection of brain tumour using KNN Classifier International journal for Research and development

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Title of Paper Name of journal
1 Mrs Bindhu A
Mrs.Sreeja S S
Image Based Rain Removal Process For Vision Enhancement Computer Society of India Journal
2 Mrs.Adlin Femil
Mrs.Bindhu A
Integrity Auditing Of Cloud Data With Homomorphic Authenticators International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology
3 Mrs.Adlin Femil
Mr.Jeejo Vetharaj J
Mrs.Anchana B S
IOT based approach of E-Health Surgery International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering
4 Mrs.Anchana B S
Mr.Jeejo Vetharaj J
Mrs.Adlin Femil
Minimizing Energy Consumption in a Disaster Relief Network Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research
Faculty Attended FDP
  1. Mr.Jeejo Vetharaj J attended one day seminar on Online courses at Anna University Chennai on 14.9.19.
  2. Mr.Jeejo Vetharaj attended FDP on IOT and Vision Robotics at MarEphream college of Engineering during 11.11.19 and 12.11.19.
  3. Mrs.Lisha LB attended one Week Anna university sponsored FDP on Big Data Analytics at St.Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering during 18.11.19 to 23.11.19.
  4. Mrs.Sreeja SS and Mr.Jeejo Vetharaj attended a 5 days FDP on PHP at St.Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering arranged by ICTACT during 18.11.19 to 22.11.19.
  5. Dr.Labisha RV attended 2 days FDP on Advanced Teaching Techniques at Sigma College of Architecture during 5.12.19 and 6.12.19.