Computer Science and Engineering

Paper presented at symposium

Sl.No Name of the student Title of Paper Date
1 Reyna Pradeep , Aparna Mohan E ball Technology 03-03-18
2 Sahaya Ashika , Abisha S Fake rupee identification using image Processing 22-03-18
3 Rahul R G , Jackson Masak D Robotic Arm Based on IOT 02-02-19
4 Ajith V V , Jeya Govind T Virtual Reality 02-02-19
5 Amritha P, Praisy Ponnachan SMS based fire alarm and Detection System 20-02-19
6 Arya Madhusoodhanan , Anjana A Kurup Automation of Irrigation System using IOT 20-02-19
7 Surya Raj , Linsa S Deth Border intruder detection based on computer vision 20-02-19
8 Abisha S , Sahaya Ashika Automated brain tumour segmentation of MR images using CCRF 23-02-19
9 Vijitha , Reslin Mol , Ajisha Kamal Implementation of haze removal process for vision enhancement 23-02-19
10 Arya Madhusoodhanan , Anjana A Kurup Automation of Irrigation System using IOT 07-03-19
11 Anjana Anilkumar, Surya Raj Border intruder detection system based on computer vision 07-03-19

Sl.No Name of the student Title of Paper Date
1 Vishnu K, Akshik Jith K G Artificial Intelligence 31-08-19
2 Jenisha J, Dalysha J, Jeniba S Virtual Reality 31-08-19
3 Abila V, Aiswarya S V Intruder detection System 31-08-19
4 Anjana Anilkumar, Smitha Mol D S Internet of Things 25-09-19
5 Anjana A Kurup, Arya Madhusoodhanan Automated irrigation system using IOT 20-09-19
6 Surya Raj, Linsa S Deth Indian regional Navigation System 20-09-19
7 Amrutha P, Praisy Ponnachan Automation of single image and video based twin 20-09-19
8 Jeniba S Objectives of Datamining 27-09-19
9 Jaya Govind T, Dalysha J Virtual Reality 27-09-19
10 Vibisha X Artificial intelligence 27-09-19
11 Sreevidhya J, FemilaJoice E Automatic Irrigation System of water 12-02-20
12 Vibisha X, Adlinsha S Man less car 12-02-20
13 Praissy Ponnachan, Amrutha P Wireless based aciurgy system in IOT 12-02-20
14 Arya Madhusoodanan, Anjana A kurup Hirability in the wild:integrated job portal for online recruitment 14-02-20
15 Anjana Anilkumar, Surya Raj, Linsa S Deth Android application for college bus tracking system using GPS 14-02-20
16 Anagha V, Kavya A Visual tracking via course & fine structures local spare
appearance model
17 Asema V, Remya S Li-Fi TECHNOLOGY 14-02-20
18 Vishnu K, Akshik Jith K G Automatic Street Light 18-02-20
19 Vishnu K, Akshik Jith K G Toxic gas detuction ROBOT 22-02-20
20 Akshik Jith K G, Vinoji V Artificial Intelligence 04-03-20
21 Milan Sajan, Vipin S History of mobile phones 06-03-20
22 Anju Mary P, Aiswarya S V, Abila P A novel approach for the secure integration of IOT and cloud
23 Dalysha J, Jeniba S, Jenisha J Node Anomaly Detection using supervised learning in vehicular
Adhoc Network

Events Participated

1. Nithish K, Jackson Masak D and Rahul R G of III CSE participated in a two days Intellectual property rights & Entrepreneurship workshop organized by Entrepreneurship development and innovation institute on 17.02.20 and 18.02.20.
2. Derin Sam D and Vinoji V of II CSE presented a poster presentation on 18.02.20.
3. Rickson Raju of II CSE participated in Debugging and Gaming events on 22.02.20.
4. Derin Sam D and Anurag R S of II CSE participated in Debugging and Quiz on 04.03.20.
5. Babin B J, Akash R Raj, Vipin S and Milan Sajan of II CSE participated in Debugging and Quiz on 06.03.20.
6. Arjun M and Kalimuthu K of II CSE participated in a one day workshop on Ethical Hacking organized by Govt Engineering college,Tirunelveli on 13.03.20.