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Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
Engineering Practices Laboratory     Ceiling fan
    Iron box
    Emergency light
    Stop Watch
Electrical Machines Laboratory     DC motor gen set (shunt)
    DC motor- gen set (compound)
    DC Shunt motor
    DC series motor
    DC compound motor
    DC motor-alternator
    I-motor (squirrel)
    I-motor (slip ring)
    Resistive load (3 ?)
    Resistive load (1? )
    Lamp load
    auto transformer
    auto transformers
    MC Ammeter (diff ranges)
    MC Voltmeter (D. ranges)
    MI Ammeter (D. ranges)
    MI Voltmeter (D. ranges)
    Wire wound Rheostats
    Double pole Single throw switch
    Power factor meter
    Digital multimeter
    Synchronous motor
    Double Element Wattmeter
    Wattmeters (LPF)
    Wattmeters (UPF)
    Carbon Rheostats
    DC Rectifier, 100 A
    AC Distribution Panel
    DC motor - Gen set (series)
Control System
    DC servo motor trainer kit
    AC servo motor trainer kit
    Rigged up modules of Type-0, Type-1 system analog comp. kit
    MATLAB (3 users)
    Analog rigged up modules of a linear system for closed loop operation
    Rigged up modules of P,PI,PID controller trainer kit
    Temperature closed loop control kit
    Position closed loop control kit
    Speed closed loop control kit
    Synchrous (transmitter & receiver)
Power Electronics
    25MHZ Digital storage oscilloscope
    30MHZ cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    SCR characteristics kit
    MOSFET characteristics kit
    TRIAC characteristics kit
    IGBT characteristics kit
    SCR Firing circuit module
    SCR based half controlled converter
    SCR based fully controlled converter
    MOSFET / IGBT based step up chopper
    MOSFET / SCR based step down chopper
    DC to DC Resonant converter
    IGBT based 1? pwm Inverter module
    IGBT based 3? pwm Inverter module
    SCR / TRIAC based 1? AC phase controller
    SCR based current commutated chopper
    3? motor for 3? pwm Inverter
    1? motor for 1? pwm Inverter
    TPST switch
    DC yoke with field core
    DC armature core with commutator
    DC brush holder with carbon brushes
Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
    Energy meter
    3? Isolation transformers
    Maxwell's capacitance bridge kit
    Wheatstone bridge kit
    Kelvin double bridge kit
    Instrumentation amplifier
    Series AC and DC circuit trainer
    A/D and D/A converters
    Calibration of 1? Energy meter
    Calibration of current transformer
    Measurement of 3? power and power factor
    Measurement of iron loss
    DC ammeter (0-1A)
    AC Ammeter (0-1 A)
    Digital Voltmeter
    60 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
    Personal Computer
    Regulated Power supply (0-30V)
Power System Simulation Lab
    Personal Computer
    Laser Printer
    ETAP Software
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