Science Club

In order to enhance and develop the potentials of the students outside the four corners of the college, the students must be guided individually according to their skills/talents that will make them productive and competent specifically in technology not only inside the campus but also as citizens.

Objective of the Science Club

  • To develop a general interest in technology through science
  • To stimulate active participation and initiative among students in active learning process
  • To create reading habit of scientific literatures
  • To develop a sense of healthy competition among pupil
  • To motivate students to participate in various events in other colleges/universities
  • To encourage individual and group activities

Activities of the Science Club

  • To organize lecture, debates, seminars, conference etc.
  • To hold science exhibition and fair
  • To celebrate birthday of eminent scientists
  • To display scientific news
  • To visit places of scientific interest
  • To prepare charts, postures, presentation, models etc.

Rules and requirements of the Science Club

  • We understand that Science Club members must have good behavior at all events. Behavior that puts the safety of others at risk will leads to loss of membership.
  • We understand that in order to participate in Science Club activities the members must maintain at least E grade (50%) in all subjects in all examinations (Class Test / Internal Test / University Examinations). Members with failing grades will be considered ineligible until those grades get improved.
  • We understand that Science Club members must complete at least half of the club events and activities to qualify for the end of the year field trip.

Organization of Science Club

  • The proper organization of the club is must for its successful functioning.
  • It should have constitution

Dr. G.S.Suresh Kumar
Programme Co-ordinator