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Computer Science and Engineering

Paper presented at symposium
Sl.No Name of the student Event Details Title of Paper Date
1 Reyna Pradeep , Aparna Mohan Mar Ephream College of Engineering E ball Technology 03-03-18
2 Sahaya Ashika , Abisha S Udaya School of Engineering Fake rupee identification using image Processing 22-03-18
3 Rahul RG , Jackson Masak Ponjesly College of Engineering Robotic Arm Based on IOT 02-02-19
4 Ajith VV , Jeya Govind Ponjesly College of Engineering Virtual Reality 02-02-19
5 Amritha , Praisy Ponnachan Arunachala College of Engineering SMS based fire alarm and Detection System 20-02-19
6 Arya Madhusoodhanan , Anjana A Kurup Arunachala College of Engineering Automation of Irrigation System using IOT 20-02-19
7 Surya Raj , Linsa S Deth Arunachala College of Engineering Border intruder detection based on computer vision 20-02-19
8 Abisha S , Sahaya Ashika DMI Engineering College Automated brain tumour segmentation of MR images using CCRF 23-02-19
9 Vijitha , Reslin Mol , Ajisha Kamal DMI Engineering College Implementation of haze removal process for vision enhancement 23-02-19
10 Arya Madhusoodhanan , Anjana A Kurup Maria College of Engineering and Technology Automation of Irrigation System using IOT 07-03-19